Thursday, 24 February 2011

Useful for myself (1)

-He was amazing/ amazed that the university had accepted him.

-Living abroad is really exciting/ excited!

-He was really frustrating/ frustrated that he couldn’t understand the Australian accent when he first moved to Perth.

-After a while I felt more relaxing/ relaxed about being in a foreign country.

-He was so boring/ bored during the lecture that he actually fell asleep.

-She tried to explain the difference between the two words, but I still felt confusing/ confused.

-Learning new language is really fascinating/ fascinated!

-I felt really annoying/ annoyed by his behavior.

-That book was really interesting/ interested. I’ll lend it to you.

-I was really shocking/ shocked to hear his news.

11.I’m sorry you didn’t pass your exam. You must be really disappointed/ disappointing.

(Ref: IELTS Foundation, Student's book, p-155)

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ေမဓာ၀ီ said...

ဦးဇင္းရဲ႕ useful for myself က တပည့္ေတာ္အတြက္လဲ useful for myself ပါပဲ ဘုရား။
ဘိလပ္မွာသာ ေက်ာင္းတက္ေနတာ တပည့္ေတာ္ အဂၤလိပ္စာ အဆင့္က ဒီက မူၾကိဳကေလးသာသာ ေလာက္သာ ရွိတာမို႔ ေနာက္လဲ ဒီလို အသံုး၀င္တာေလးေတြ တင္ပါဘုရား။

ဒကာမ ေမဓာ၀ီ