Sunday, 10 April 2011

The nightmare left in the past

A story has been going further and further into a far wide range of people in the human planet. It was a shocking moment when I first heard about the story. I wonder it was originated from the inside boundary of ourselves. Slow and steady, however, I could put up with it. It is one of the vicissitudes which everyone might invariably face with. The remedy is the time; therefore, I was awaiting and awaiting and awaiting the time. Eventually I obtained the actual remedy.

I realized that the story was fabricated by someone else in order to disgrace my simple life. In fact, there should be an answer when a question happens to.  Yet, I prevented myself from divulging the real circumstances owing to harming others and ourselves. Nonetheless, it is not regrettable that I couldn’t or didn’t want to answer such a silly question.

It is true that no one is perfect and also I accept that action speaks louder than words. Endless ever is if one tells a story of an imperfect person. He telling others’ fault is himself revealing his own fault. It is pitiful if a mouth is just for consuming and ill-talking. Conspiracy without identity is of among my adversary.  Any plan either positive or negative materialized by anyone else needs to be itself certified in way of transparency and accountability.

This afternoon the temperature was 22 degree. The weather was very pleasant with pleasurable sun shine. While I was having a quiet read inside the temple where I have been living a quarter of a decade I heard the door-bell ringing. I went down and opened the door. It was Henry, a black man, who has been working missionary works door to door for a couple of years for his religion, the Jehovah’s Witness. Sorry to him that he was not invited inside to treat with coffee and some snacks due to that I had a regular work a few minutes afterward. For that reason I was talking to him as standing on door-steps.

What he said is that the sun-shine is given by the GOD he believes in, but I consistently persisted that it is only the nature of the world. He, neverthless, exchanged my words with a friendly smile. He is very nice to everyone. Definitely he should be so because he is a missionary worker. He gave me a book, Awake!, October 2010, just before he left.  My eyes skimmed over the book and entire pages. All of a sudden, my eyes were persuaded by a short phrase “A Widespread Crisis of Confidence”.  It really gave me the sequence of thoughts in relation with Trust and Confidence.

Is trust possible? Or whom can we trust? It is a problematic issue to which even genius wises elude. There is no proper answer for it. Thus, betterment is keeping our mouth closed. On the other hand, we ourselves committing a lie have been looking for a truth. The truth is being drowned under the whirlpool of the lie. Therefore, Mark Twain produced a concept A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes”.

Recently the fabricated story has been totally removed from the inner core of my heart. Nothing negative remains in my mind. In spite of being deteriorated before, the situation has now turned into the reconciliation and rehabilitation. The nightmare I dreamt has been left in the past. Hence, I am convinced myself that the commencement of happiness for me is coming forward.

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