Wednesday, 9 March 2011

It was when it was

 The weather was neither too hot nor too cold. It was almost certainly a kind of fair weather. The sun in December in our native country typically and kindly produces pleasurable rays which could be bathed by animate beings as well as inanimate things.

The scenery view made us thrilled at twilight, but it was hard to say what sort of feeling we had in our mind at that time. My nephew packed my bags neatly which held plenty of stuff necessary for me. Packaging is what people normally do when they go to somewhere far away from their own home. I also had to go to a highly regarded country where I would stay for some time long enough. Though the luggage is small, due to skillful of packaging, the baggage weighed 26 kilograms (4 kilos lesser than allowance) plus hand-carry. The stuff is quite enough for me during my stay away from home.

Just handful of my close friends and some other devotes gathered  in my room to see me off. All including me were delighted exchanging pure smiles one another from the deepest heart. The moment was very pleasant. I wished it would never disappear from us.

Three cars—liteace, canter and corolla--- parking in the campus in front of my hostel was waiting for myself and one of my friends who also  had to go to the same place with me. When all had been ready we moved straightforward to the cars. All of which brought us and all of those who intended to see us off to the Mingalardon international airport. The director general (D.G) of promotion and propagation of Sasana under the Ministry of Religious Affairs was awaiting us at the airport. He encouraged us not to fall down whatever difficulty we meet in the new world and suggested the necessities.

We took lots of photos including group ones at the airport. Soon after that, me and my friend proceeded to the checkpoint in order to get us check in. All of them were left waving their hands, saying “Have a nice and save journey”, offering their lovely smiles and gazing at us in every step of our movement to the checkpoint. At that time I could not know myself whether I was feeling upset or glad on account of our immediate departure.

After we got checked in, we walked on the way to the departure lounge where we were waiting for the flight TG around about one and half hour. Those who saw us off might have gone back to their particular places. It was my appreciation of their concern.  At the lounge, I was thinking what would happen next since then. It was when I was about to leave for England for academic purposes in 20th of December, 2007.

***Picture from Google search.

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