Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Useful for myself (7)

Common Phrasal Verbs (R -W)
run into someone/something
meet unexpectedly
I ran into an old school-friend at the mall.
run over someone/something
drive a vehicle over a person or thing
I accidentally ran over your bicycle in the driveway.
run over/through something
rehearse, review
Let's run over/through these lines one more time before the show.
run away
leave unexpectedly, escape
The child ran away from home and has been missing for three days.
run out
have none left
We ran out of shampoo so I had to wash my hair with soap.
send something back
return (usually by mail)
My letter got sent back to me because I used the wrong stamp.
set something up
arrange, organize
Our boss set a meeting up with the president of the company.
set someone up
trick, trap
The police set up the car thief by using a hidden camera.
shop around
compare prices
I want to shop around a little before I decide on these boots.
show off
act extra special for people watching (usually boastfully)
He always shows off on his skateboard
sleep over
stay somewhere for the night (informal)
You should sleep over tonight if the weather is too bad to drive home.
sort something out
organize, resolve a problem
We need to sort the bills out before the first of the month.
stick to something
continue doing something, limit yourself to one particular thing
You will lose weight if you stick to the diet.
switch something off
stop the energy flow, turn off
The light's too bright. Could you switch it off.
switch something on
start the energy flow, turn on
We heard the news as soon as we switched on the car radio.
take after someone
resemble a family member
I take after my mother. We are both impatient.
take something apart
purposely break into pieces
He took the car brakes apart and found the problem.
take something back
return an item
I have to take our new TV back because it doesn't work.
take off
start to fly
My plane takes off in five minutes.
take something off
remove something (usually clothing)
Take off your socks and shoes and come in the lake!
take something out
remove from a place or thing
Can you take the garbage out to the street for me?
take someone out
pay for someone to go somewhere with you
My grandparents took us out for dinner and a movie.
tear something up
rip into pieces
I tore up my ex-boyfriend's letters and gave them back to him.
think back
remember (often + to, sometimes + on)
When I think back on my youth, I wish I had studied harder.
think something over
I'll have to think this job offer over before I make my final decision.
throw something away
dispose of
We threw our old furniture away when we won the lottery.
turn something down
decrease the volume or strength (heat, light etc)
Please turn the TV down while the guests are here.
turn something down
I turned the job down because I don't want to move.
turn something off
stop the energy flow, switch off
Your mother wants you to turn the TV off and come for dinner.
turn something on
start the energy, switch on
It's too dark in here. Let's turn some lights on.
turn something up
increase the volume or strength (heat, light etc)
Can you turn the music up? This is my favourite song.
turn up
appear suddenly
Our cat turned up after we put posters up all over the neighbourhood.
try something on
sample clothing
I'm going to try these jeans on, but I don't think they will fit.
try something out
I am going to try this new brand of detergent out.
use something up
finish the supply
The kids used all of the toothpaste up so we need to buy some more.
wake up
stop sleeping
We have to wake up early for work on Monday.
warm someone/something up
increase the temperature
You can warm your feet up in front of the fireplace.
warm up
prepare body for exercise
I always warm up by doing sit-ups before I go for a run.
wear off
fade away
Most of my make-up wore off before I got to the party.
work out
I work out at the gym three times a week.
work out
be successful
Our plan worked out fine.
work something out
make a calculation
We have to work out the total cost before we buy the house.

 N.B.. All are completely copied from thanks to the Team of English Club.

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