Thursday, 27 May 2010

My Head Is Burning, but I Am Challenging

Day after day, the sun repeatedly rises in the east and sets in the west. I have consumed the time, two and half years under the four-season-country what we call it Britain. Within those periods, sometimes the aim and objective of what I came here is all but forgettable. Soon after I arrived here, I attended one of the English schools from which I had the benefit of language skill to some extent. Then I tried to take ielts exam three times. What I had achieved the highest score in the exam was band 6.0 which allowed me to join the University of London, but conditionally I had to attend pre-sessional courses which is a stair way to the paradise of UNI because the achievement of band 6.0 at IELTS is not sufficient enough to go straightforwardly to the UNI. 

By attending two-month-pre-sessional courses at London University, I obtained a familiarity with a particular type of writing style for the academic field containing cohesion and coherent, rhetoric, genre, argument, counter-argument and so on which were so beneficial to me during my essay periods. After completion of that course, I got access to enroll for the M.A course (M.A Religion [Buddhist studies]) at the University of London.

I have now already submitted diverse of essays—3 materials of 3000-word essay, 1 material of 2000 word essay, 1 material of 6000 word essay-- to the faculty of Arts and Humanity. And also I have already sat for 3 exams and 1 viva. At the moment my job is nothing but to be waiting the dissertation title from a supervisor and the results of what I have done. The dissertation can be said a last part of M.A course after which I would have all of my works done in connection with the life of Master Students.

In the meantime, I received an offer to continue my study for the Doctorate in the west. Now my head is burning with the fuel of proposal for the Ph.D assessment in addition to M.A dissertation. Still I have no idea which type of field and work I have to be prepared for the Ph.D. The deadline of Ph. D proposal is the last day of June and also the deadline of M.A dissertation is 15th September. How should I do with these two tough works within those limited periods? Therefore, I said previously that my head was burning those hard times.

Now what I am most afraid is to have another fuel put into the burning flame inside my head. However, my energy is still strong enough to extinguish the powerful flame. Challenge!!!!!!


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